About Us

About us

Welcome to
Angels High School

The Foundation of Little Angels was laid down 9 years ago with very modest means, sheer dedication and determination. The School started with strength of 25 students and 3 teachers in small setup. Driven by passion to excel, Little Angels' students and 30 teachers... through constant improvisation and setting new standard for quality education.

Angels High School is a dream school brought to you from the family of Little Angels. The mi achieved in such a small span of time have re assured us of the faith and trust endowed upon us. We aim to build and ultimate schooling experience here at Angels High, where the children get an all round development of mind, body and soul.


Why Choose us

Education is a means to restore dignity to the person to give the individual reason for living and to lead each person to the fullness of life. We are committed towards preparing skilled, holistically developed personalities who continue to inspire our future generations and make us proud by their commendable contribution to the nation.


Our Mission

The school's mission is To live in deeds and leave imprints on sands of time. Each and every child is allowed to express himself / her self fearlessly. In fact they are given wings to walk the trails, climb the peak and create history for themselves as well as for mankind. For an institution to thrive and prosper, it needs a leader at the helm.


Our visions

In its democratic environment students take decisions on various issues and learn to combine freedom with responsibility. A questioning mind, a spirit of adventure, a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty is promoted unfailingly. "We focus on teachers empowerment, communication skill, development of IT skill."